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SEO is an acronym which stands for “Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation is one of the most important elements any business in New Zealand can under taking if you’re looking to drive new users and conversions to your website. SEO is the process of implementing a diverse range of activities to increase the popularity of your website through Google and other search engines.

Growing your business online through Google & other Search Engines using SEO

SEO is about delivering high-quality content which is targetted to various keywords alongside ensuring Google and other search engines can access your website.


Google’s algorithm currently has over 200 factors which are taken into account when deciding where to index your website for various keywords making it important to ensure all of these elements are implemented and you have the correct keyword targeting throughout your website.

The higher your website ranks the more traffic you’ll receive to your website resulting in more enquiries or sales to your website.  To ensure you can continually drive new users to your website it’s important to understand how they are searching and optimising for these search terms.

As previously outlined my three step approach to SEO has continually delivered great results for clients across New Zealand and the UK and ensures you have the very best opportunity to drive new traffic and sales to your online business.

SEO Organic Growth

My Straight Talking Approach!

I like to ensure I can fully immerse myself in every single client to know the industry and business challenges which you might currently be facing. Each client will be given a full website audit which looks at your current performance benchmarked against core competitors in your market.

Once complete and the hygiene factors have been addressed for each client we look at a long-term content/link building strategy which will really help you dominate the listings in Google using the latest trends.

Tie this together with monthly reporting which gives clear transparency on the work being carried out along with your performance for each month allows us to continually build a long-term relationship with your business.

SEO Audits

Every client I work is presented a full SEO Audit which identifies current pit falls with the website which should be better optimised to improve organic visibility.

These deliverables make it easy to track work is been carried out on a monthly basis.

Competitor Audit

Running a full competitor audit allows us to gather further insights around content and other marketing activities your competitors are carrying out.  This can identify some quick wins which could be optimised to drive more organic awareness.

On-Going Optimisations

Once all the basics have been done brilliantly we look at ongoing optimisations to ensure you stay ahead of the competition and continue to drive organic awareness to your website.

Tie this in with a monthly report to ensure you have full exposure to the current performance of your website and organic activity.

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