Technical SEO Audit

Technical SEO is the foundation of a strong website looking to drive organic traffic via Google and other major search engines. A full technical audit can review the current best practices throughout your website and identify any elements which need to be optimised for optimal crawling and indexation.

A detailed technical SEO audit can un-cover common technical issues with your website and offer an opportunity to grow your organic website. A well optimized website needs to accessible, error free and load within a optimal speed limit for your customers.

Throughout 2017 Google has made movements to use user engagement signals when determining where to place a website in their index for various organic search terms.

My technical audit process analyses over eighty core factors in Google’s algorithm and how these can be better optimized for optimal performance and indexation against related search terms.

My full technical audit is delivered in a clear way 3rd party development agency can assist where needed and provides a full list of core issues along with supporting documentation and supporting links to ensure implementation goes as smoothly as possible.